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Terms And Conditions

  • Be age 18 and above to join PositiveMind Community
  • I confirm and agree that PositiveMind Community is about private gifting activity
  • I agree and acknowledge that nature of this activity is a charity
  • I agree and acknowledge and understand that my involvement with gifting is solely a voluntary act on my own accord
  • I agree and understand should I get involved with gifting that my gift will be just that, a gift, and is nothing to which I may lay claim in future, it’s a gift.
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Recovery Fees

  • Recovery fees of $25 can be paid via Bitcoin
  • If you do not have access to Bitcoin visit to find Bitcoin ATM machine closest to you
  • Alternatively you can send Interact to [email protected] (please include your @Telegram username as a note and Interact password is
  • If you paid by Bitcoin screenshot or provide your confirmation number to Administration Team
  • Once your payment is received you will receive DM on Telegram from the Administration Team to Acknowledge and proceed with website registration.
  • On each Celebrated chart of $500 we ask $25 contribution towards recovery fees
  • Recovery fees will be used to maintain dishonored pledges, backlogs & Community Website, Apps
  • Amount of recovery fees bucket will be made visible on every members dashboard on website for transparency